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Chinese Arts of Boxing

Long Fist 长拳

-a kind of boxing in the Middle Age; a large category after Pre-modern Age


Cha Fist 查拳

Standing Eight Breaks 站八折

Six Turns 六路转

Blossom Fist 花拳

Cannon Fist 炮捶

Red Fist 红拳




Soft Fist 内家拳

-of the Internal Family, opposite to the hard style of External Family; the separation came after Song Dynasty

Open Hand of the Bowing Tiger 弦虎开手

Empty Palm of Ten Thousand Arts 万术撩空掌




South Fist 南拳

-originated in Ming Dynasty, in contrast with the North style; also has deep influence in South East Asia; terms in square brackets below are Cantonese names which are used more frequently

Hong's Fist [Hung Gar] 洪家拳

Cai-Li-Fo's Fist [Choi Lee Fat] 蔡李佛拳

Tiger Crane Fist 虎鹤双形拳

Xia's Fist [Hap Gar] 侠家拳

Yongchun Fist [Wing Chun] 咏春拳

Wuzu Fist 五祖拳

Taizu Fist 太祖拳

Crane Fist 鹤拳

Arhat Fist 罗汉拳

Dog Fist 狗拳

Kong's Fist 孔门拳

Yue's Fist 岳家拳

Baimei Fist 白眉拳

Songjiang Fist with 36 Paths 三十六路宋江拳

Yu's Fist 余门拳

Fo's Fist 佛家拳

Little Lying Tiger Fist 小伏虎拳

Shaolin White Crane Fist 少林白鹤拳

Liu's Fist 刘拳

Kunlun Fist 昆仑拳

Fist of Emptiness 空门拳

Li's Fist 李拳

Fist of Hardness 硬门拳

Black Tiger Fist 黑虎拳




Shaolin Fist 少林拳

-founded in North Wei Dynasty (c.500); cultivated by Zen Buddhism; respected by Chinese government in most periods; still the most complex system in martial arts nowadays

Fist of Great Mercy 大悲拳

Xiaohong Fist with 36 Styles 小洪拳三十六式

Mother and Son Shaolin Fist 子母少林拳

Shaolin Fist of the Shining Sun 少林昭阳拳

Shaolin Erlang Fist 少林二郎拳

Shaolin Thirteen Grabs 少林十三抓

Shaolin Fist with 8 Steps 少林八步连环拳

Shaolin Fist with 5 Forms and 8 Means 少林五形八法拳

Shaolin Fist of Five Matches 少林五战拳

Shaolin Fist of the Five 少林五拳

Power Fist 功力拳

Shaolin Red Fist 少林红拳

Shaolin Revolving Fist 少林连环拳

Shaolin Arhat Eighteen Hands 少林罗汉十八手

Shaolin Mind Gate 少林派心意门

Shaolin Eighteen Arhat Fists 少林十八罗汉拳

Shaolin Short Strike of Linked Hands 少林连手短打

Shaolin Fist of Four Rounds 少林四趟拳

Shaolin Soft Fist 少林柔拳

Matching Fist 合战拳

Diamond Zen Gate 金刚禅自然门

Yu's Shaolin Fist 俞派少林拳

Buddha Fist 佛汉拳

Arhat Fist of the Ground 地功罗汉拳

Shaolin Tiger Fist 少林虎形拳




Wudang Fist 武当拳

-can be traced back to early Song period; cultivated by Daoism; much developed during Ming Dynasty

Nine House Spin with 12 Means 九宫旋转十二法

Nine House Eighteen Kicks 九宫十八腿

Wudang Songxi Soft Fist 武当松溪派内家拳

Fist of the Fish 鱼门拳

Eight Breaks 八折

Hongmen Fist 洪门拳




Emei Fist 峨嵋拳

-founded in Ming Dynasty; cultivated by Buddhism and partly Daoism

Emei Power Fist 峨嵋功力拳

Fire Dragon Fist 火龙拳

Sichuan South Fist 四川南拳

Meridian Fist 子午拳




Taiji Fist 太极拳

-earliest record by Chen's family in Henan province during Qing Dynasty; fiction refers it to the Daoist Zhang Sanfeng 张三丰 in Yuan-Ming period

Taiji Pushing Hand 太极推手

Chen's Taiji Fist 陈式太极拳

Chen's Taiji Pushing Hand 陈式太极推手

Chen's Taiji Fist with 38 Stances 陈式三十八势太极拳

Yang's Taiji Fist 杨式太极拳

Simplified Taiji Fist with 24 Stances 二十四势简化太极拳

W?s Taiji Fist 吴式太极拳

W?s Taiji Fist 武式太极拳

Sun's Taiji Fist 孙式太极拳

He's Taiji Fist 和式太极拳

Zhao's Taiji Fist 赵式太极拳

Taiji Hidden Fist 太极藏拳

Fist of Longevity 长寿拳

Taikong Fist 太空拳

Fist of Duality 两仪拳

Taiji Fist of Five Stars 太极五星捶

Zen Taiji Fist 禅门太极拳




Image Fist (Xingyi Quan) 形意拳

-invented by Ji Longfeng 姬隆丰 of Shanxi (c.1650); popular in Shanxi, Henan, Hebei during Qing Dynasty

Image Fist with 8 Styles 形意八式拳

Twelve Forms 十二形

Fist of Miscellanea 杂式锤

Mind Fist of Four Bundles 心意四把锤

Mind Fist of Six Matches 心意六合拳

Fist of Six Matches 六合拳

Elbow of Six Matches 六合肘




Fist of Eight Gates 八门拳

-invented by Changba Bashou 常巴巴首 of Yanshan (c.1800); further developed by boxers of Xibei, Gansu, Lingxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, etc.

Fist of Nine Rings 九环拳

Back Fist of Eight Gates 八门通背拳

Fist of Seven Stars 七星锤

Nine Rolls and Eighteen Falls 九滚十八跌

Turn of Eight Steps 八步转

Cannon Fist of Earth Stems 地支炮拳



Mind Fist 意拳

Drunken Fist 醉拳

Monkey Fist 猴拳

Eagle Talon Fist 鹰爪拳

Mantis Fist 螳螂拳

Mantis Fist of Six Matches 六合螳螂拳

Mantis Fist of Seven Stars 七星螳螂拳

Snake Fist 蛇拳

Eight Trigram Palm 八卦掌

Eight Trigram Matching Hand 八卦对手

Eight Trigram Tang Fist 八卦唐拳

Essence Fist 华拳

Gentle Fist 绵拳

Revolving Gentle Fist 连环绵拳

Fist of Hack-and-Hook 劈挂拳

Fist of Eight Poles 八极拳

Back Fist 通背拳

Returning Fist 翻子拳

Springing Kick 弹腿

Battle Foot 戮脚

Brace and Link 靠黏连

Wentangzi Fist 文趟子拳

Yue's Free Hand with 18 Stances 岳式散手十八势

Fist of the Secret Trace 秘踪拳

Plum Blossom Fist 梅花拳

Chang's Fist 苌家拳

Short Fist 短拳

Fist of the Water Margin 水浒拳

Fist of Four Channels 四通槌

Fist of Four Images 四象拳

Gao's Fist 高家拳

Fist of Nine 九拳

Bird Trace 仿鸟拳

Wu's Fist 邬家拳

Sunbin Fist 孙膑拳

Sun's Fist 孙家拳

Taihe Fist 太和拳

Xiangxi Tu's Fist 湘西土家拳

Xiliang Palm 西凉拳

Nature Gate 自然门

Wusong Detaching Fist 武松脱铐拳

Inflicting Fist with 9 Paths 九路伤拳

Qi of Ursa Minor 天刚气

Duck Fist 鸭拳

Huangmei Yue's Fist 黄梅岳家拳

Fist of King Yue 岳王锤

Fist of Ships 船拳

Rooster Fist 鸡拳

Blocking Hand 拦手

Yue's Linked Hand 岳氏连拳

Fist of the Ground 地趟拳

Mandarin Duck Fist 鸳鸯拳

Fist of Parting Hands 分手拳

Fist of Eight Means 八法拳

Fist of Six Matches and Eight Means 六合八法拳

Taiji Plum Blossom Mantis Fist 太极梅花螳螂拳

Kick of Jianqing Pool 监清潭腿

Fist of Pointing to the East 指东拳

Fist of the Adopted Son 义子拳

Game of Five Fowls 五禽戏

Hongzi's Fist 鸿字门拳

Coat Fist 褂子拳

Free Hand 散手

Grappling 擒拿



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